We see communities as the societal equivalent of an ecosystem -- in that they provide for and enrich our daily lives. The stronger and healthier the community, the better it will be able to serve and support its members.


We need communities that are equitable, sustainable, and joyful, that reflect the needs of all its people who live, work, and love here. We need resilient communities --- ones that are able to bounce back, even thrive, in a shifting world, because all of our lives and struggles are bound up together.


current community partners


-- 10 cents from each tea funds an $18,000 grant to each organization --

rock paper scissors collective

Rock Paper Scissors Collective is an Oakland based, all volunteer-run organization that fosters creativity and collaboration in order to strengthen local communities and encourage sustainable practices and alternative models. They promote the sharing of ideas, skills, and resources through the celebration of art, craft, education, and performance. 



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Every time you choose solidariTEA -- you are helping build a stronger and healthier Bay Area community, inside & out.

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people's grocery

People’s Grocery operates at the intersection of public health, economic development, and food systems. Their mission is to improve the health and local economy of West Oakland through investing in the local food system. Using West Oakland as a model of leadership development, micro-enterprise creation and health project development, they aim to support and develop a thriving network of like-minded change-agents in cities across the nation. 


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