We've blended small-farm tea leaves with botanicals and herbs, creating vibrant and complex flavor profiles

available flavors

Black Rose Ceylon – We've crafted a delicate rose tea with a nice bite to it: we blend Demascus rose petals and rose hips with a rich Ceylon black tea sourced from Sri Lanka, and add a squeeze of lemon. 

Blueberry Rooibos – A juice fusion of red bush tea with a blend of blueberries, rose petals, and rose hips. 

Cinnamon Peach – Cinnamon lovers we've got your back. Here's a rich, cider-inspired black tea that can be enjoyed iced or hot, sun or fog -- perfect for whatever kind of weather the Bay throws at you.

  • Our teas stand for something. 10 cents from each tea goes into unrestricted grants for local community organizations, dedicated to the arts and justice.

  • Our teas are strong. We don’t skimp on, or water down, our ingredients. Our teas are boldly, marvelously rich, with vibrant flavor profiles.

  • Our teas are organic, and small-farm origin -- sourced with pride from Equal Exchange.

  • Our teas were crafted with health in mind. With a lower sugar content than other offerings (roughly 14 grams per bottle),  you can enjoy the full health benefits of the tea itself.



Looking to find our small-farm, organic iced teas? Here's a list of stores and cafes that carry them.

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A very special thanks to Jen Christo for providing the beautiful photography featured on this site.