We’ve blended small-farm tea leaves with organic botanicals and herbs, creating vibrant and complex flavor profiles that are vegan and lightly sweet

available flavors

Black Rose Ceylon – A delicate rose tea with a nice bite: we brew Damascus rose petals and rose hips with a rich, small-farm Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka, and brighten it with a squeeze of lemon. This organic tea is high in tannins with layered floral tones throughout -- excellent alone or with a splash of milk.

Blueberry Rooibos – A juicy fusion of rooibos, rose petals, and rose hips sweetened with a balance of organic cane sugar, blueberry, and elderberry. Naturally caffeine-free, this red bush tea has a vibrant flavor profile from being farmed at altitude in the Cederberg Mountains of South Africa by the Wupperthal Co-op.

Cinnamon Peach – A rich, cider-inspired black tea that can be enjoyed iced or hot! Think peach cobbler in a glass. Lightly brewed but loud in flavor, this small-farm tea is sweetened with an organic peach juice blend and organic, unrefined brown sugar.

  • Our teas stand for somethingWe're proud to be a Benefit Corporation: every bottle supports grants for Bay Area arts and justice non-profits.

  • Our teas are strong. They're organic, vegan, and marvelously rich in flavor, artfully crafted with botanicals and spices.

  • Our teas are small-farm. We source high-quality, single-origin tea leaves through small-farm suppliers partnered with Equal Exchange, who supports democratically-organized, fair trade cooperatives throughout the world.

  • Our teas were crafted with health in mind. With a lower sugar content than other ready-to-drink offerings (roughly 14 grams per bottle, or 45-70 calories per bottle),  you can enjoy the full health benefits of the tea itself.



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