Caroline & Trey nosing around the farmers market. Photo credit:  Blair Beyda Photography

Caroline & Trey nosing around the farmers market. Photo credit: Blair Beyda Photography

Caroline Sandifer -- Boss, co-founder

Caroline is a writer, educator, and foodmaker. She left the environmental nonprofit world to address the financial struggles of so many Bay Area organizations: the pains of keeping afloat with skyrocketing rent prices / gentrification, keeping foundation grants year after year as staff and leadership change, weathering setbacks or hiccups as they inevitably happen. For her, solidariTEA is an opportunity to radically support and protect the community she calls home, and as one possible alternative to the current funding struggles of non-profits here and everywhere. When she’s not working on TEA, Caroline enjoys dance classes, art shows, and working on creative fiction.


Llewellyn (Trey) Jalbert, PhD -- Director of TEAsearch, co-founder

Trey is a cancer scientist, educator, and tea enthusiast. His research involves using magnetic resonance imaging to study malignant gliomas, a common type of terminal brain cancer, and to integrate state-of-the-art imaging with the new discoveries in cancer genetics and epigenetics. Trey finds balance to his cancer research in community organizing and brewing teas for solidariTEA — and believes that a resilient community is a healthy one. To that end, he's focused on crafting unique, lightly sweetened, organic tea recipes and getting them into distribution here in the Bay Area as fundraisers for local justice and arts organizations. Public health is the intersection between tea and his professional research, and for him, solidariTEA is a creative opportunity to address some of the health problems and inequities present in society today. When he’s not working on research or TEA, Trey enjoys running, cat memes, night hikes and astronomy.

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